Cell Viability Assessment

Label-free Cell Viability Assessment with DHM® Technology


With over two decades of pioneering work and through collaborations with EPFL’s Biomolecular Screening Facility, Lyncée Tec has crafted and patented specialized analysis workflows for cell viability assays.

Traditional methods for monitoring cell health often rely on fluorescent dyes, which can be intrusive and potentially affect cell behavior.

Lyncée Tec’s well-established label-free approach enables accurate and continuous monitoring of viable cell density based purely on morphological parameters, bypassing the need for invasive dyes.


Unique advantages of Lyncée Tec DHM® technology

  • Continuous Monitoring: 190 fps recording provides instant feedback when culture conditions change, enabling timely interventions to safeguard culture health.
  • Label-Free Advantage: Our technology avoids the use of external labels or dyes, preserving cell integrity and ensuring safety for therapeutic applications, including re-injection into humans.
  • Accurate VCD Measurement: Total and viable cell density are accurately calculated based on multiple morphological parameters directly measured on the recorded images.
  • Additional CQAs: quantitative image analysis allows to extract additional Critical Quality Attributes (purity, phenotype, etc.) from the same dataset.

The superiority of DHM® VCD measurements has been validated through dual imaging techniques: quantitative phase imaging (QPI) and fluorescence microscopy. While fluorescence microscopy serves as the standard for identifying live and dead cells, a machine learning model developed by Lyncée Tec classifies cells based on their morphological traits from QPI images alone. This validation have shown that DHM® achieve an excellent correlation rate exceeding 84%, proving its precision and non-invasive capabilities.

This establishes DHM® as a essential tool for detailed, non-invasive cell analysis, potentially revolutionizing cell health monitoring in the field of cell and gene therapy.

T cells viability quantification done solely on morphological parameters measured directly on the DHM image.

Compatible DHM® products

  • Standalone Transmission DHM: Suitable for standard applications.
  • DHM-Camera Module: Enhances imaging capabilities in existing devices.
  • OEM Custom Integration: Customizes DHM® technology to integrate seamlessly into your existing systems, enabling label-free cell viability measurement.
DHM-T equipped with a motorized-stage and an incubator