Step Height Standard

Precise measurements with very high repeatability

Step height standards are used for calibration of the height scale of a wide range of surface measurement instruments, in particular stylus instruments, optical profilers, and atomic force microscopes.

DHM® by Lyncée Tec refers to wavelengths for height measurements. By using ultrastable interferometric filters for selecting a precise wavelength band of a relatively broad spectrum laser source, DHM® operating wavelengths are precisely controlled and perfectly stable. The height values do not depend on any calibration,  precise positioning, or repeatability of interferometric piezo-controller, neither on any motorized displacement, or confocal detection system.


  • Sample: VLSI standard SHS-80 QC by VLSI Stadards Inc.
  • Material: Chrome coated Quartz
  • Instrument: DHM® R-1000
  • Magnification: 10x
Measurement of a (8.9 +/- 0.5) nm Step Height SHS-80 QC certified by VLSI Standard Inc. The height H measured by a DHM R-1000 is 8.7 nm.
Step Height SHS-80 QC by VLSI Inc.
Step Height SHS-1800 QC by VLSI Inc.
Step Height SHS-4.5 QC by VLSI Inc.