Fluid Topography

Fluid Topography on a Substrate

Topography of fluids and soft materials can only be measured with a non-contact, non-damaging method.

Reflectometry Anaylsis software

DHM® Reflectometry Analysis method, in contrary to alternative systems, is a non-scanning method and enables to study dynamic 3D topography of liquids. A representative example is to measure the profile of a drop of Tetraethylenglycol liquid deposed on a Si wafer.

  • layer one (TetraEthylene Glycol): thickness 0 nm; uncertainty: 0 nm
  • deposition min: -10 nm; deposition max: 10000 nm; increment: 1 nm

The DHM® Reflectometry Analysis software provides an essential solution to observe problems of evaporation, wettability, crystallization, photoresist deposition, etc. on reflective substrates.

Drop of TEG (TetraEthylene Glycol)
Profile of TEG drop