Inertial Sensors

MEMS Accelerometer and Gyroscope

The most common MEMS inertial devices used in our daily life are MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope. They can be found in almost every mobile electronic devices and automobile industry. Such devices are usually composed by moving parts, e.g proof masses, vibrating wheels, comb drive or other sensing parts with motion both in- and out-of-plane. Their characterization require both ultimate resolution in displacement, high frequency and large measurement range.

Unlike laser doppler vibrometer (LDV) only gives few measurement on pre-defined grid/dots, DHM® offers instant and simultaneous measurement on each pixel over entire imaging area, providing the possibility to retrieve vibration mode shape down to sub-micron lateral resolution, making DHM® the ideal characterization instrument particularly for complex geometry like gyroscope.


  • Courtesy of: Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
  • System: DHM R2200
  • Mode: Stroboscopic mode
  • Device: Gyroscope
  • Objectives: 2.5x high NA
Gyroscope vibration map @14.4KHz
Vibration amplitude @ 40.2kHz
Vibration amplitude @ 88.4kHz
Vibration amplitude @ 96.4kHz