Thermal Deformation

MEMS microhotplate has a wide range of application in chemical & gas sensing, and temperature & humidity sensing, etc. It is usually based on a thin membrane which keeps the heater thermally isolated in order to achieve high temperature. Therefore, deformation of the membrane usually occurs at certain temperature due to thermally induced stress.

DHM® uniquely reveals membrane deformation in live, enabling characterization of the dynamical process.



  • Courtesy of: LMIS1, EPFL, Switzerland
  • System used: DHM R2100
  • Acquisition rate: 30 fps
  • Objective: 5x
  • Time scale: <1s
  • Membrane size: 1 mm2
  • Heater: Pt
  • Live monitoring of membrane deformation
  • Characterization of dynamical profile
  • Membrane: Low stress LPCVD SiN

Symmetrical deformation of SiN membrane of a microhotplate
Non-symmetrical deformation of SiN membrane of a microhotplate