Transmission DHM®


The Transmission DHM®-Series are designed for measuring transparent or semi-transparent samples. There are available in two configurations : DHM® T-1000 operating with a single laser, and DHM® T-2100 operating with two lasers.

In life sciences

DHM®-T provides precise Quantitative Phase Measurements (QPM) of living cell cultures up to confluence, without the use of any contrast agent and with very low illumination power. The DHM®-T is an ideal instruments for high content screening, time lapse measurements and diagnostic. Used in conjunction with the optional fluorescence module, it enables simultaneous DHM® and fluorescence measurements. It is  compatible with motorized stages. and with a large choice of accessories for working with living cells.

In material sciences

DHM®-T measures specimen shape and surface, as well as material optical parameters, internal structure and defects. It is an ideal tool for characterization of micro optics, providing shape, refractive index and optical transfer function. Refractive index liquids can be used for characterization of steep slope samples like micro-corner cubes and Fresnel lenses among other. Other major applications are characterization of micro-fluidics devices and 3D- particle flow velocimetry. Systems are compatible with motorized stages, stroboscopic module and the post-analysis software for MEMS analysis.


Lyncée Tec has developed the DHM® technology from its invention to its maturity as a product and has the competence and flexibility to offer you customized and OEM systems.

T-Series Specifications

Download datasheet for detailed specifications

Distinctiveness between the two series of Transmission DHM®

All Transmission DHM® models work  with identical performance if only one wavelength is in use.

 T100  T1000 T2100
Objective Single, fixed Multiple on a turret Multiple on a turret
Configuration One laser source One laser source Two laser sources
Measurement modes Single wavelength Single wavelength Single and dual wavelength
Accuracy (as demonstrated by taking the temporal standard deviation on 1 pixel over 30 measurements) 1.0 nm 1 1.0 nm 1 1.0 / 5.0 nm 1 *
Vertical resolution (defined as twice the accuracy) 2.0 nm 1 2.0 nm 1 2.0 / 10.0 nm 1 *
Repeatability (as demonstrated by taking the one sigma Rq value of 30 repeatability measurements on SiC reference mirror) 0.02 nm 1 0.02 nm 1 0.02 / 0.05 nm 1 *
Vertical measuring range (without any scanning)
  • up to 500 μm for continuous structures
  • up to 500 μm for continuous structures
  • up to 500 μm for continuous structures
Max. height of steps with sharp edges (Depends on the laser source(s) and operating wavelength(s)
  • up to 1 μm 1
  • up to 3.5 μm 2
  • up to 1 μm 1
  • up to 3.5 μm 2
  • up to 7 μm 1
  • up to 22 μm 2

1) Converted value for measurements in air and with sample refractive index n=1.5  2) Converted value for measurements in water and with sample refractive index n=1.5 * With / Without single wavelength mapping