Remote TCP/IP

The Remote TCP/IP software module enables automatized use of DHM® by accessing the Koala functions through TCP/IP protocol. Any software supporting this data transfer can be used either from the PC on which Koala runs or from any PC connected through a network. Most of the software used in research and in industry environment (LabVIEW, Matlab, C++, DotNet, etc.) support the TCP/IP protocol.

The necessity to automate and to control from an external software the acquisition and the analysis of data performed is a common need of research and industrial applications. Complex experiments require integration, control and synchronization between many instruments. Analysis of series of experiments or of many samples requires analysis of a batch of data. Quality control requires measurement process automation and very simple production operator interfaces.

Camera parameters adjustment, acquisition triggering, objective calibration loading, window organization, profile cut, height measurements, data exportation are among many others functions that can be accessed and performed remotely to automate measurements according to users’ needs. Dedicated application will then perform advanced data statistical analysis, provide a simple interface with a simple decision criteria on quality control, or supervise several instruments for complex R&D experiment or for in-line quality control.

The following examples of applications have been implemented with the TCP/IP: