Koala SDK

Software Development Kit

The DHM® Software Development Kit (SDK) allows programmers to integrate the DHM® on quality control lines or as an OEM instrument.

It enables creation of dedicated software to control microscope hardware, reconstruction routines and Koala image analysis features. DHM® automation is now a piece of cake thanks to the SDK!

The SDK is distributed as NuGet packages and is made available with documentation and examples on a server.

Development environment:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 with Nuget Package Manager extension
  • .NET 4.8 or .Net 5.0
  • Windows 10, 64-bit
Program using SDK functions to perform automatic measurement

SDK vs Remote TCP-IP module


  • Usage: full automation (live control of the DHM) or offline re-processing of holograms taken manually with Koala
  • For speed-sensitive applications
  • .NET programming
  • The DHM is fully controlled by the code via the SDK, Koala cannot run at the same time


  • Usage: basic automation of images grabbing and processing
  • Integration with LabVIEW, Python, Matlab, …
  • The DHM is controlled by the Koala SW (requires Koala to run at the same time)