Reflection DHM® optical port

Why do you need to add an optical port to your DHM®?

An optional optical port can be added to any DHM® reflection model. It allows you to:

  • add an imaging modality to DHM®: bright field, spectral reflectometry, Raman spectroscopy, ….
  • illuminate your sample through the objective with straight or structured light beams for laser manufacturing and structuring, chemical processes activation, sample heating, femtosecond laser engraving, ….

The optical design allows DHM® measurements to be performed simultaneously with the second imaging mode or with the external illumination. It can also be used for many of the DHM applications “measure as you manufacture

The tabs on the top of this page illustrates a few cases.

Please contact the Lyncée specialists for advices on your specific integration needs.

DHM-R optical port mounted with a Filmetrics F40 spectral reflectometer

DHM® measurements and simultaneous bright field imaging

A color camera and a powerful LED illumination can be added to your DHM® for bright field imaging. This allows you to perform a color analysis of your sample and to use your DHM® as a classical microscope

For instance, for this forensic application for signature recognition, acquisition of both real color information and height information at each pixel, provides a new element for signature recognition and comparison.

Read more about it.

Simultaneous bright field and DHM-R measurements for forensic signature recognition.

DHM® measurements and simultaneous spectral reflectometry

DHM® is a 4D reflectometer that can characterize simple transparent patterns, but cannot characterize uniform films.

Mounting a Filmetrics F40 spectral reflectometer on the optical port of a DHM® enables to extend the use of your system to uniform films.

DHM-R optical port mounted with a Filmetrics F40 spectral reflectometer

DHM® measurements and simultaneous Raman Spectroscopy

Combined DHM® and Raman systems enable to make simultaneously and non-destructively topography and a chemical analysis technique providing detailed information about chemical structure, phase and polymorphy, crystallinity and molecular interactions.

Lyncée has worked with the company Timegate Instruments to integrate their PicoRaman M3 spectrometer.

Timegated® Raman Spectrum

DHM® measurements and simultaneous interference lithography

In the publication “Digital holographic microscopy for real-time observation of surface-relief grating formation on azobenzene-containing films” Professor Arri Priimagi and his team at Tampere University, in Finland, use the optical port of DHM® to illuminate the sample with two individually controlled laser beams for creating periodically varying laser interference patterns. The information of the grating formation dynamics, is simultaneously measured with the DHM®.

Read more about it.

Tampere team has used our optional DHM® external optical port to couple two individually controlled laser beams. Periodically varying patterns are created on the sample surface. This process is simultaneously measured by DHM®