Industrial DHM®


The industrial DHM® series R100 and R200 are compact and lightweight 3D optical profilometers with interferometric resolution. They can be mounted on robot arms and gantry conveyors, and can be easily integrated into special multifunctional machines.  Similarly to other Lyncée DHM® products, the measurement technology differs fundamentally from other optical profilometers by the non-requirement of both vertical and horizontal scanning. The 3D information is acquired instantaneously over the full field of view, and at camera frame rate. There are many advantages in it:

  •   Sample can be measured on-flight, without stopping the sample.
  •   The exposure time is very short, down to microsecond, making the measurement extremely robust against environmental vibrations.
  •   Short acquisition time and high frame rate enables us to characterize large surfaces in a very short period of time and to perform high throughput quality control.
  •   The absence of scanning mechanism makes the system very robust with large Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).
  •   The vertical calibration relies on the perfectly controlled laser wavelength stability, ensuring metrology tractability and I exempt of scanning non-linearity and long term drifts.

The DHM heads can operate in reflection with one (R100 series) or two wavelengths (R200 series). They are equipped with a single objective or with a fast linear motorized objective changers. The systems can be either controlled by Lyncée Tec property software suite, or by using Lyncée Software Development Kit (SDK) for integrating Lyncée DHM® technology into your own software. These sensor heads are already used in the field of display, semiconductor, micro-optics, and industrial metrology.

The industrial DHM can also be used for R&D applications and are compatible with our MEMS laser pulsed stroboscopic acquisition solution.

Industrial DHM® head size is 370 x 127 x 86 mm3) and weighs 4 kg



R100 R200
Number of operating wavelength 1 2
Vertical range for steps measurements 300 nm 2 μm
(other ranges available on demand)
Vertical resolution Same as R1000 and 2100 series: refer to link.
Objective magnification 1.25x to 100x 1.25x to 100x
Lateral resolution, working distance, field of view Objective dependant: refer to link 
Objective changeability Optional on R100-MO and R200-MO
Motorized objective changer  Linear – Optional Linear – Optional
Camera 1 Mpx/ 190 fps 1 Mpx/ 190 fps
Additional external optical port Optional Optional
DHM head Weight [kg] 4
DHM head Size
[mm xmm x mm]
370 x 127 x 86 370 x 127 x 86
External laser box size
[mm x mm x mm]
140 x 240 x 500
Stroboscopic compatibility Yes Yes
Compatibility with standard Lyncée stands Yes Yes
Measurement through optical window Yes Yes