Environmental control

Closed environmental chamber

The perfect addition for non-perturbing multi-days time lapse

Allows for a full control of temperature, CO2 and humidity with the same precision as a full incubator. O2 control (for hypoxia and hyperoxia experiments) can be added with an optional gas mixer.


  • Control and record the temperature and gas concentration, program-specific gradients
  • Temperature range: ambient +3°C to 45°C
  • High (95%) humidity maintained
  • Specially designed to fit our latest version of manual and motorized stage


  • Specific versions for either microscopy slide and Petri dishes (all size) or microtiter plates (from 6 to 384 well-plate)
  • Custom-made holder can be designed to accommodate your sample

Complete environmental control solution

Sample and solution heating

Heating plate

  • Regulate the temperature, program temperature gradients, and record temperature over time
  • Temperature range: ambient +3°C to 45°C
  • Size customizable to fit your sample

Heating plate for sample temperature control

Solution heating

  • Heat up to 8 different solutions
  • Dead volume: 35 μl
  • Regulate the temperature, and program and record temperature gradients

Perfusion solution heating