CAT software for bioanalysis

Efficient data analysis, plots and reports of your experiment

CAT is an analysis software specific for life sciences experiments which provides with our proprietary acquisition software Koala a complete solution from the images acquisition to plots and report exports.

CAT easily and automatically processes the acquired hologram or reconstructed phase images, refocus the cells after the acquisition (a unique feature of holographic microscopy), track the spatial displacement of cell during time-lapse experiments, and extracts the following parameters:

  • Confluence (area occupied by the cells)
  • Optical volume (total phase delay induced by the cells)
  • Average phase signal (mean cell phase signal)
  • Dry mass (related to the intracellular content)

These key biomarkers provide relevant insights about the health status and ongoing biological processes of the cells in your experiments.

CAT software: an intuitive interface to display your images, analysed data and plots

CAT provides specific workflows designed to accommodate all type of experimental data:

  • Single site workflows (for single location experiments)
    • Population analysis
    • Cells analysis
    • 4D tracking
  • Multiple site workflows (for multi-wells experiments)
    • End-point measurement
    • Time-lapse recording
    • Dose-response curve
  • Multi-modal experiments (to combine phase and an additional modality)
    • Fluorescence and phase correlation

Each analysis is automatically saved in a XLSX file.

PDF report summarizing the key feature of the analysis together with the relevant plots can be exported at the end of the analysis

Representative examples of CAT workflows