Holographic Macroscope

Digital Holographic Macroscope

The first macroscopic configuration of the reflection DHM®. It enables measurements of the 3D topography with a large field of view up to 32 x 32 mm. As other DHM® products, the macro-sensor is a non-scanning instrument recording 3D topography at unrivaled acquisition speed. This new patented technology opens new applications where a sub-nanometric vertical resolution is required within an extended field of view compared to standard microscope configurations.

Ready for automation

The macro-sensor has been developed for automated measurements, all the critical components are accessible out of the sensor body :

  • Camera & fiber port on top
  • External laser source
  • Long working distance : 30mm
  • No moving part inside the body
  • Attention: only little tilt acceptance


The holographic macroscope has a fixed field of view. Available in single and dual wavelength configuration depending on user needs. Standalone configuration equipped with a motorized stage is ideal for R&D and semi-automation. Head only configuration is available for integration into larger machinery.

Holographic Macroscope


  • Field of view : 32 mm x 32 mm
  • Lateral resolution : 35 um
  • Vertical resolution : 0.5 nm
  • Working distance : 30 mm
  • Acceptance angle : 0.15°