DHM® Cameras


The DHM® Camera is a cost-effective module that can readily be attached to the side port of your fluorescence microscope. It allows to easily obtain phase images from a standard fluorescence microscope with a simple module addition.

For labs already equipped with a fluorescence microscope

If you are already equipped with a fluorescence microscope you don’t need to get a full standalone DHM® to gain the advantages of label-free imaging. Simply mount the DHM® Camera module to one of your microscope’s side port to obtain the full benefit of non-invasive quantitative phase imaging.

The premium DHM® Camera (DHM-C_P) allows to simultaneously record both phase and fluorescence at up to 194 frames per second.

The large field of view DHM® Camera (DHM-C_XL) come with a 4 Mpixels camera to provides a 4X larger field of view compared to standard imaging devices, plus a higher spatial and temporal resolution. Thus allowing to quantify fine and fast changes occurring in your sample in a completely non-invasive way.

The DHM® Cameras are specifically dedicated for Life Sciences applications, offering the same capabilities as our stand-alone transmission DHM® on most classical samples (microscopy slides, Petri dish, etc.).

Find more information on bio-imaging applications page.

DHM® Camera module attached to a fluorescence microscope (DHM-C_P model displayed here)
Flowing human RBC imaged at 20x with the DHM® Camera
Simultaneous phase and fluorescence recording with the DHM-C_P (cropped field of view)


Digital Holographic Camera specifications

Acquisition rate194 fps194 fps
Field of view (10x)0.42 x 0.42 mm*0.47 x 0.47 mm*
Phase sensor1 Mpixel sCMOS1 Mpixel sCMOS
fluorescence sensor
NoneMany fluo. cameras
  • Magnification: from 2.5x to 100x
  • Lateral resolution: MO dependent
  • C-mount interface for high compatibility
The microscope should be in inverted configuration (objectives below the sample) with a removable trans-illumination light source.