Industrial Interferometer

On-flight measurement up to 15 cm/sec

3D Optical Inspection by DHM® is a unique 3D imaging solution compatible with production environment. DHM® allows optical inspection of 3D topography, surface finish, defect detection of moving samples at high throughput on production floors, in presence of environmental noise and vibration.

Automated wafer inspection

Measurement on Production Floor

  • Sample displacement up to 15 cm/sec
  • Measurement rate up to 100 Hz
  • No need of anti-vibration working station

Numerical Reconstruction

  • Digital sample focusing without mechanical adjustment
  • Tilt-tip correction performed digitally

3D measurement with metrological precision and stability

  • Traceability: intrinsic vertical calibration
  • Reliable instrument: no complex scanning mechanism
Saw mark depth measurement on solar wafers. 1 wafer per seconds

High throughput measurement is possible with DHM® unique non-scanning technology. DHM® high acquisition rate enables measurement of a large quantity of samples and products directly on the production line. DHM® short acquisition time makes the system robust against vibrations. DHM® is a reliable system with low maintenance costs since there is no complex scanning mechanism inside the microscope. DHM® intrinsic vertical calibration makes the vertical measurement accurate over time. Depending on user needs, DHM® are mount on a standard column or integrated on user’s infrastructure (conveyor tray, gantry). Such system is usually customized and dedicated to a specific inspection. DHM® can be controlled by the TCP/IP software module enabling control of all the acquisition and analysis function of DHM®.

Nanometer faster than ever

DHM® is the only technology providing a reliable 3D measurement at high throughput. 3D Optical Inspection offers you significant benefits in terms of production quality, time saving and innovation.

Save time & cost through…

    • Detect failure early in the process and avoid expensive recalls
    • Reduce your maintenance costs, use DHM® instrument that has an intrinsically stable reference and requires only limited calibration
    • Have long MTBF (mean time between failure) thanks to the absence of complex scanning mechanism

Innovate to keep your competitive advantages

  • Be a pioneer making 3D measurement at high throughput and on production floor
  • Access a new dimension with unique DHM® optical information, all DHM® innovative solutions are compatible with industrial inspection
  • Control roughness according to ISO standard
  • Measure areas larger than the field of view with fast and automated stitching

Use an instrument adapted to the industrial environment

  • Ease of automation and  integration in your IT production system
  • Limited training required as the system is adapted to production operator use
  • Modular DHM® head can be mounted on your production line or integrated in your instrument
  • 3D measurement on production floor thanks to the robust and reliable system


Competitive Strength

3D optical inspection by LyncéeTec exploits the strength of digital holography to offer the first instrument performing 3D measurement and compatible with industrial throughput.

DHM® vs 2D inspection system

2D inspection systems are widely used for industrial inspection. They offer high measurement rates over a large field of view but the drawback is that they do not record topography information, but only intensity and color information. From the hologram, DHM® provides phase and intensity information. The phase can be interpreted to obtain surface topography, surface finish parameters or characterization of transparent layers that cannot be observed with 2D systems.

Features DHM® 2D inspection System
3D Topography
Surface finish
Transparent material
Moving sample
Digital focusing

 DHM® vs 3D Scanning Technology

Scanning Technology as Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (LSCM) or White Light Interferometer (WLI) have a low measurement rate and are sensitive to vibrations. DHM® overcomes these limitations.

Features DHM® Scanning Technology
3D measurement
Intrinsic vertical calibration
Moving sample
Robust against vibrations
Digital focusing

Application Cases

For industrial 3D optical inspection, the first system installed by Lyncée Tec was dedicated to quality control in the watch industry. An important step has been achieved in 2010 by demonstrating measurement on a convey tray, i.e measurements without stopping the sample, and without any mechanical adjustment of the height of the sample for focalization. DHM® is currently used for 3D optical inspection in semiconductor, medical technology, watch, and solar industries,  for controlling among others the following features:

  • Topography
  • Roughness measurement according to ISO standard
  • Step height of SiO2 on Si wafers
  • Sample’s aesthetic control
Roughness inspection according to ISO standard