Full Scanning Angle Dynamic Deformation of Micromirror
Monday October 30th, 2023

Our customer Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) received the new DHM as the winning prize of Lyncee Challenge 2022! By integrating a motorized goniometer on their new DHM, they have fully automated the measurement of the micromirror:

  • Resonant frequency
  • Maximum deflection angle
  • Phase shift at resonance
  • Dynamic deformation over its full deflection angle range
  • Rotation axis

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High-Content label-free imaging
Wednesday July 19th, 2023

With experiments run in parallel our Digital Holographic Microscope (DHM®) will:

  • increase your throughput
  • find active compounds faster
  • improve your drug discovery process

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WINNER Announcement of Lyncée Tec Challenge 2022
Wednesday January 18th, 2023

Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) won Lyncée Tec Challenge 2022 for their outstanding and innovative demonstration of measuring dynamic deformations of MEMS mirrors at all scanning angles using DHM’s unique full field vibration mode shape analysis. Their prize is a DHM Holographic MEMS Analyzer! Congratulations to the WINNER and to all participants!

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Two Software Engineer positions open (C++ / C#)
Monday July 4th, 2022

TWO new opportunities at Lyncée Tec. Come and join an innovative team !

The story of our first life sciences microscope
Tuesday May 24th, 2022

Our first life science DHM was delivered 16 years ago.

The innovative data generated by the main user, Dr Pascal Jourdain, with his microscope triggered major contributions to the new research field of OPTICAL electrophysiology.

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Lyncee Tec Challenge 2022 officially launched!
Monday May 16th, 2022

We are very happy to officially launch Lyncée Tec Challenge 2022! The goal of the challenge is to encourage exploration of the potential of high laterally resolved vibration analysis with DHM and to reward the best application a DHM Holographic MEMS Analyzer! Register before July 30th 2022 and WIN a DHM! More details please visit