MEMS Analysis Tool V7.0 released

Lyncée Tec SA is very proud to introduce new features in the latest version of MEMS Analysis Tool V7.0! Users can update their version automatically to benefit of these new functions.

  • Amplitude of Vibration Map
  • Phase of Vibration Map
  • Differential In- & Out-of-plane

MEMS Analysis Tool

4D Profilometry Seminar: Real Data, Real Time!

Lyncée Tec CEO Dr. Yves Emery will be giving a seminar on our latest 4D profilometry which enables the inspection and measurement of 3D topography and dynamical changes in unrivalled speed. You are invited to be part of this event where a series of applications in material science will be demonstrated, including time-resolved optical profilometry, MEMS, reflectometry and automated optical inspection.

When: Tuesday, May 9th, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Where: Quantum Analytics, 3400 East Third Ave, Foster City, CA 94404, USA

* Registration is FREE!
* Lunch and networking opportunities will be provided
* Bring your own samples to get the real insight!

Motorized objective changer

The linear objective changer enables automatic change of objective lens on DHM-R series. This is required for advanced automation routines when samples has to be measured at different magnifications.

Motorized objective changer


NIST investigate mineral dissolution using DHM

Published: March 27, 2017

Author(s)Alexander S. Brand

Abstract : Digital holographic microscopy (DHM) is a surface topography measurement technique with reported sub- nanometer vertical resolution. While made commercially available recently, few studies have evaluated the uncertainty or noise in the phase measurement by the DHM. As current research is using the DHM to monitor surface topography changes of dissolving materials under flowing water conditions, it is necessary to evaluate the effect of water and flow rate on the uncertainty in the measurement, as all previous studies have considered uncertainty in measurements made in air.

Citation: Journal of Research (NIST JRES) Volume: 122

Software Development Kit (SDK) released!

LyncéeTec is proud to announce the new Software Development Kit (SDK). It has been tested on production lines for more than a year in customer’s factories, one of the feedback : “we want to scale-up use of DHM®, it provides 3D topography at unrivaled speed”.

The SDK allows programmers to integrate the DHM® on quality control lines or as an OEM instrument.

Discover SDK specifications

8″ Probing Platform

Probing 8″ wafers is now possible thanks to the new version of the MEMS probing Platform. The new platform is compatible with 200 x 200 mm stages, up to 6 probes positioners can be installed.

Discover our range of probing platforms