WINNER Announcement of Lyncée Tec Challenge 2022

Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) won Lyncée Tec Challenge 2022 for their outstanding and innovative demonstration of measuring dynamic deformations of MEMS mirrors at all scanning angles using DHM’s unique full field vibration mode shape analysis. Their prize is a DHM Holographic MEMS Analyzer! Congratulations to the WINNER and to all participants!

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TWO new opportunities at Lyncée Tec. Come and join an innovative team !

Our first life science DHM was delivered 16 years ago.

The innovative data generated by the main user, Dr Pascal Jourdain, with his microscope triggered major contributions to the new research field of OPTICAL electrophysiology.

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We are very happy to officially launch Lyncée Tec Challenge 2022! The goal of the challenge is to encourage exploration of the potential of high laterally resolved vibration analysis with DHM and to reward the best application a DHM Holographic MEMS Analyzer! Register before July 30th 2022 and WIN a DHM! More details please visit

Congratulations to our DHM’s users at Silicon Austria Labs who present their latest achievement in SPIE Photonics Europe 2022. Their reported methods enable continuous dynamic deformation measurement of MEMS micromirror at any scan angle.

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DHM® up to 100’000 fps confirms the mechanism of sonogenetics

In a seminal publication, the group of James Friend at UCSD discovers the mechanism of ultrasound causing ion channel activation underpinning sonogenetics. For this application they use Lyncée Tec High-speed DHM®

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During the COVID-19 pandemic travel restriction period, trees were planted for DHM® purchased through remote demonstrations

Our users’ forest has over 3000 trees

Lyncée is pleased to extend this action beyond the pandemic in the hope of limiting the ecological footprint of its activity

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Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM®) quantitative phase images record the morphology (shape) and content (hemoglobin content) of Red Blood Cells and provide an important clinical readout on the health status of RBC without label as demonstrated in this latest publication in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

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A nice publication in the Journal of Physics Photonics
retracing Lyncée path from pioneer work in 1999 to revolutionary and matured applications in 2021
in the field of optical metrology.

With DHM® by Lyncée, just measure and discover!

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Transient characterization by Digital Holography Microscope (DHM®) encompasses:
  • Excitation signal: User-programmable waveform shapes
  • Time Domain: Mega-data-points resolution 4D topography time-sequences
  • Frequency Domain: Mega-pixels vibration maps, bandwidth up to 200 MHz.
  • Environmental control: Temperature, pressure, humidity, gas, liquid, etc.
Applications: cMUT, pMUT, inertial sensors, optical and mechanical switches, MEMS microphones, etc. (Learn more)

PhD on DHM® 4D tracking of motile phytoplankton

Workplace: Lyncée Tec SA Lausanne, Switzerland
Academic affiliation: Environmental Microfluidics Group in the Institute of Environmental Engineering, ETH Zurich
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enabling you to interact with 14 leading European research groups and companies
of the Innovative Training Network (ITN) PHYMOT (PHYsics of microbial MOTility)

A new seminal publication reports real-time 4D topography measurements with our Digital Holography Microscopes (DHM®) SIMULTANEOUSLY to laser processing.

Congratulations to Professor Arri Priimägi and his team at Tampere University.
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Explore cell health and physiopathological processes with the EVOLUTIVE DHM® T series by Lyncée Tec

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Get high-value Cells Analysis Tool software for FREE

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Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM®) records Quantitative Phase Images and measures cells morphology and intracellular protein content.

These two key biomarkers enable monitoring of living cells health status and of ongoing biological processes without perturbing them.

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Upgrade all your microscopes with a DHM® Camera  

Our DHM® Cameras (DHM-C) enhance all your existing inverted microscopes capabilities by adding Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) modality with a simple module mounted on the side port.

Discover unique in-situ 4D monitoring of electrochemical etching and surface dissolution in liquid with interferometric resolution by DHM®!

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Combine Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) and fluorescence in a single instrument to open new perspectives for multimodal imaging.

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DHM® is the world’s fastest 3D optical profilometer. It provides the most comprehensive MEMS vibration analysis up to 25MHz. And each measurement has a mega-data-points resolution!

Learn more about the latest cMUT, pMUT, and Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) measurements.

The world’s most comprehensive MEMS vibration map with mega-data-points by DHM®, revealing the unprecedented details of each vibration mode with picometre resolution in a just few seconds! DHM® acquires information of XYZ motion for each data point in a single measurement, therefore enabling  tracking of all axis simultaneously in the whole field of view. (Read more)

Michael Muschol, Caroline Wenders, Gunther Wennemuth, of Universitätsklinik Essen in Germany have demonstrated that sperm cells have a chiral memory that resides in a hypothetical elastic linkage within the flagellar machinery (PLOS ONE).
The sperm flagellar waveforms and swimming paths in four dimensions (X, Y, Z and time) have beend recorded using a DHM® T1000. (read more)