The Fastest Optical Profilometer

DHM image
DHM image

  • DHM®: A Non-Scanning Technology
  • 3D & 4D Topography
  • Stand-alone, OEM and customized DHM®

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Live cell cytometer

DHM image
DHM image

  • Morphological and intracellular information
  • Dynamics parameters
  • Population and single cell metrics

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Latest News

Software Development Kit (SDK) released!

LyncéeTec is proud to announce the new Software Development Kit (SDK). It has been tested on production lines for more than a year in customer’s factories, one of the feedback : “we want to scale-up use of DHM®, it provides 3D topography at unrivaled speed”.

The SDK allows programmers to integrate the DHM® on quality control lines or as an OEM instrument.

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8″ Probing Platform

Probing 8″ wafers is now possible thanks to the new version of the MEMS probing Platform. The new platform is compatible with 200 x 200 mm stages, up to 6 probes positioners can be installed.

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Coming Events


Graphene 2017, 28-31 March 2017

Barcelona, Spain

Our distributor Scientec will take part to the Graphene 2017, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain.


Korea Vision Show 2017, 29-31 March 2017

Seoul, Korea


MRS 2017, 17-21 April 2017

Phoenix, USA

Our distributor Soquelec will take part to the MRS 2017, which will be held in Phoenix, USA.