Full Scanning Angle Dynamic Deformation of Micromirror

Our customer Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) received the new DHM as the winning prize of Lyncee Challenge 2022! By integrating a motorized goniometer on their new DHM, they have fully automated the measurement of the micromirror:

  • Resonant frequency
  • Maximum deflection angle
  • Phase shift at resonance
  • Dynamic deformation over its full deflection angle range
  • Rotation axis

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During the COVID-19 pandemic travel restriction period, trees were planted for DHM® purchased through remote demonstrations

Our users’ forest has over 3000 trees

Lyncée is pleased to extend this action beyond the pandemic in the hope of limiting the ecological footprint of its activity

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Ultra High Speed DHM®: over 100’000 3D topography measurements per second

DHM® R100 and R200: robust,
compact, lightweight, and extremely

DHM® is the world fastest 3D optical profilometer that enables the most comprehensive MEMS vibration map with mega-data-points in every measurement up to 25MHz.