High-content label-free imaging

During the COVID-19 pandemic travel restriction period, trees were planted for DHM® purchased through remote demonstrations

Our users‘ forest has over 3000 trees

Lyncée is pleased to extend this action beyond the pandemic in the hope of limiting the ecological footprint of its activity

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Three modalities in a single instrument:
QPM by DHM®, Epifluorescence, and confocal scanning

Michael Muschol, Caroline Wenders, Gunther Wennemuth, of Universitätsklinik Essen in Germany have demonstrated that sperm cells have a chiral memory that resides in a hypothetical elastic linkage within the flagellar machinery (PLOS ONE).
The sperm flagellar waveforms and swimming paths in four dimensions (X, Y, Z and time) have beend recorded using a DHM® T1000.

Michael Muschol, Caroline Wenders, Gunther Wennemuth, Universitätsklinik Essen, konnten zeigen, dass Spermien ein chirales Gedächtnis haben, das sich in einer hypothetischen, elastischen Anbindung ins Innere der flagellaren Maschinerie zeigt (PLOS ONE).
Die flagellare Wellenform wie auch der Schwimmtrack der Spermien in den vier Dimensionen X, Y, Z und Zeit wurden mit dem DHM® T1000 aufgenommen.